Consumer Information

These links provide a wonderful resource for consumers and ground water industry professionals. Several sites contain a wide variety of consumer articles about private water systems and ground water in general. You can even search for a well log through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources site.

Ohio Watershed Network: Know Your Well Water

OSU Extension has created a website to help drinking water well owners test, understand and protect their well water.

Ohio Department Of Health (ODH)

Information on the Private Water Systems Program; list of registered contractors.Ohio Dept Of Health Logo





Ohio EPA

Link to Division of Drinking and Ground WaterOhio Epa Logo

Ohio Dep't. of Natural Resources

Well logs, ground water maps, info on Ohio's water resources.Dnrheader Concept 01 Logo

Ohio Water Daily

Local water news, opinions, and technical publications for Ohio Water Professionals

National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

Ground Water (well) information for the public.National Groundwater Association

National Well Owners Association

Information relating to owning and maintaining water wells.National Well Owners

American Ground Water Trust

Protecting and promoting the importance of ground water.American Ground Water Trust

Private Well

Consumer articles to help well owners understand ground water, water wells and water systems.

Ground Water Science

Information for all users of ground water. Ground Water Science

Water Conservation Throughout the Home

Easy water conservation tips for the whole family!

Water Systems Council wellcare® Hotline

wellcare® information sheet to assist well owners in identifying technical problems with their private water wells.

Water Systems Council

Click here for a Quick-Guide for Well Owners!